Wasmiddellade Reinigen / Clean Detergent Drawer

Open the detergent drawer.

Open detergent drawer on washing machine

1. Softener compartment

2. Detergent drawer

2Press the release lever (1) on the inside of the detergent drawer and pull the detergent drawer out at the same time.

Press the release lever and pull detergent drawer out from washing machine
3Lift the softener compartment and the liquid detergent guide (optional) to remove from the detergent drawer.

Lift softener compartment and liquid detergent drawer to remove detergent drawer
4Rinse all parts under running water.

Rinse detergent drawer compartments in running water
5Clean the detergent drawer recess with an old toothbrush.

Clean detergent drawer with soft brush
6Replace the softener compartment and the liquid detergent guide (optional) by pushing them firmly into the detergent drawer.

Replace compartments in detergent drawer
7Push the detergent drawer back into place.

Please note: To remove any remaining detergent, perform a rinse cycle without any laundry in the drum.

Replace detergent drawer in washing machine